For a technologically, economically and profit-oriented optimization a careful, detailed and target-oriented analysis of the tasks and vulnerability are necessary. The bu + engineering gmbh differs between the following core topics:

• processes
• products
• tools
• materials
• machinery

During the implementation phase of projects we may overtake also the project management.

To investigate processes and results exactly, our staff is trained in Six Sigma techniques of quality management. Six Sigma is a systematic approach to process improvement using analytical and statistical methods.

A detailed analysis and the addressing of weaknesses offers many advantages:

• Reducing setup time and setup costs
• Avoid, or reduce waste
• Shorten delivery times
• Reduction of machine downtime
• Reduce material costs
• Stabilize the sales quote

For the material analysis, we use various methods and machines. Among others, e.g. the tensile test or the Nakajima test.

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