The bu+engineering gmbh offers the following general trainings in metal forming as well as

customized trainings.

We would be glad to send you detailed information and assist you in applying for Education vouchers. Take advantage of the opportunity to further develop your employees. You will be supported with 50%

(max. 500 €) per employee by the german state. The following modules we offer as part of a training course:

A. Fundamentals of Metal Forming

- Fundamentals of Metal Forming
- Description of metals
- Development of new materials
- Forming Analysis
- Tribology
- Case study / workshop

B. Fundamentals deep drawing

- Rotational symmetric components
- Tapered and hemispherical components
- Square, rectangular and elliptical components
- Irregularly shaped components
- Tool types
- Special drawing process
- Case study / workshop

C. Bases hydroforming

- Process representation
- Work diagram
- Process design
- Punch in the hydroforming
- Process and precast error
- Case study / workshop

D. Basics Turn

- Bending process
- Working diagrams
- Process design
- Resilience
- Failure limits
- Case study / workshop

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